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Resources & Links

  • Dallas Animal Services – Information on adoptable dogs and cats, city registration, lost and found pets.
  • Feral Friends – for feral cats an aggressive TNR (trap/neuter return) program and an adoption program for tame cats.
  • Garland Animal Services – City of Garland Animal Services, info on adoption, lost and found pets, etc.
  • Gypsy Dogs Ops – Local Dallas-based rescue organization dealing with urban dog rescues primarily.
  • Kitty Co – Garland feral cat rescue and spay/neuter organization.
  • Operation Kindness – No-kill shelter for dogs and cats in Carrollton, Texas.
  • Plano Animal Services – City of Plano Animal Services, info on adoption, lost and found pets, city registration, and wildlife rescue for Plano.
  • Richardson Animal Shelter – Information on adoptable dogs and cats, lost & found pets, city registration, injured wildlife pick up & rehab, and live trap rental.
  • Wildlife Rescue and Rehab for Richardson – Richardson Shelter’s links for wildlife pick up and rescue.


  • AAFP Environmental Needs Guidelines – In-depth journal article describing guidelines for environment enrichment.  Very detailed but easily readable by owners.
  • DV360 Cat Enrichment Article – brief article with good basic tips on improving your cat’s environment.
  • Sundahl on Keeping Cats Happy – this article has a very extensive list at the end of several great enrichment articles.
  • Indoor Cat Environment Enrichment – OSU’s site has a lot of great information, from enrichment to behavior problems.
  • Toys, Playing and Enrichment for Cats – Cat’s International site, a lot of great enrichment information and discussions of behavior issues in cats
  • ASPCA Behavioral Issues – link to the ASPCA’s virtual behavior site for cats and dogs.
  • Cat Body Language – this article by the AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior) lists three other articles in the links at the end that have good pictures and discussions of what various cat body language positions mean.
  • Cat Communication – good pictures and a nice discussion of routine cat communication, vocal, and physical body language.
  • Behavior Issues and Cats – link for their behavior articles.
  • Dr. Sophia Yin’s Behavior Blog – has a nice section of cat articles to look through.  Good index.
  • Feline House Soiling Problem Guide – Feline Advisory Bureau site link.
  • Jackson Galaxy’s Words of Wisdom – The Animal Planet’s show “My Cat From Hell” hosted by Jackson Galaxy has several videos under the ‘Words of Wisdom’ tab.  Of particular note are “How to Properly Pet”, “How to Properly Play with”, “How to Handle Scared Cats”, “How to Bond with Your Cat”, and “How to Introduce a Baby”.  Also some nice articles in the Cat Health Tab as well.
  • Reading your cat – Good discussion of cat body language
  • Tufts Behavior Clinic – Preventing feline behavior problems.  Nice list of articles on the most common problems.
  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control – link to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Hotline.
  • Pet Poison Hotline – Link to the Pet Poison Website, they have an extensive poison listing (top left link) and also offer an iPhone app.
  • Toxic Plant Listing – ASPCA’s poison control center extensive listing of poisonous plants complete with pictures of the plants.
  • Toxic People Food Listing – ASPCA’s poison control center listing of table foods that can be toxic or harmful to pets.
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